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A delegator is an entity that participates in securing a proof-of-stake network by staking their cryptocurrency holdings. Instead of actively participating in consensus and the block creation process themselves, delegators choose a validator to delegate their stake to. In exchange, they get a share of the rewards given to validators by the protocol.

At a glance

Definitions of the variables that appear on the horizontal bar at the top of the delegator level pages of the Rated Network Explorer.
The "At a glance" section of the by Delegator view of the Rated Network Explorer for Polygon

Total amount delegated

The total amount of stake delegated by this delegator.

Network penetration

This is the percentage distribution of stake that maps under a given delegator based on their delegated stake to validators. We calculate this as:
Network penetration == delegated stake / total network stake

Validators delegated to

The number of validators this delegator has delegated their stake to.

Net Delegator APR%

The return earned by this delegator on their stake after commissions are taken by their delegate validators.

Delegation State

Definitions of the variables that appear in the "Delegation State" section of delegator entity view.
The Delegation State section of the Delegator view page

Total rewards

The total rewards earned by this delegator.

Total commission paid

The total commissions paid out by this delegator to their delegate validators.

Aggregate effectiveness

This is the effectiveness rating of a delegator based on the stake-weighted effectiveness of the validators they have delegated to.

Blended commission rate

This is the aggregate rate being paid by a delegator on the rewards they earn to their delegate validators.

Real Time Rewards View

The Real Time Rewards View bar chart in the Delegator view page.
This is a bar chart showing the rewards received by a delegator over the last 20 checkpoints, broken down by the validators they have delegated to.

Delegation Breakdown

The Delegation Breakdown table in the Delegator view page.
This table gives a view on the performance of the validators a delegator has delegated their stake to. It is similar to the Validators View but specific to the delegator.