Rated brand guidelines

How to use the various Rated brand artefacts.

This guide provides instructions on how to correctly use Rated’s brand assets. If you’ve received permission to use Rated’s logo or product icons, please follow these guidelines.

To obtain Rated's brand assets, please vist bit.ly/RatedBrandAssets

The fabled candy! Here’s what you need to know about using it:

  • Use of Logo: The logo must always be clear and legible, and never modified or altered.

  • Color: Use the official color versions of our logo as provided. It should always be the same color, and never re-colored, unless approved.

  • Size: The logo must be used at the minimum size to ensure its legibility and impact. The minimum size will depend on the medium in which it is used. The amount of clear space around our logo should be equal to or greater than the height of our icon. If you’re using our icon in a lineup of other icons, make all the icons the same size. Where possible, we prefer that our logo be placed first.

  • Space: Don’t crowd the logo with images, text, or other graphics that compromise its impact.

Rated Brand Colors

  • Dark Theme Colors: The dark theme palette aligns with our brand colors while ensuring optimal legibility. The backgrounds feature three distinct shades:#243361, #192548 and #0A111E. For text, we prioritize clarity and contrast against these darker backgrounds, utilizing #FFFFFF for primary text and #DEE1ED for secondary text or non-emphasized elements.

  • Light Theme Colors: For our light theme, we adhere to a clean and bright palette that reflects the simplicity and clarity of our brand, ensuring optimal legibility across all environments. Our background colors consist of #FFFFFF and #F3F5FB. Text elements are rendered in #000000 for primary text and #4E545F for secondary text or non-emphasized elements.

  • Please refrain from using Rated brand colors as decoration on your website etc. or to signal a relationship or affiliation with Rated where such a relationship does not exist.

  • Please refrain from using Rated brand colors in your own materials, outside of approved logos, icons, or badges.


Our typeface is a crucial part of our brand identity.

  • Primary Typeface: Our primary typeface is Space Grotesk. This typeface should be used for all major headings and wherever our brand message is conveyed. Available on Google Fonts.

  • Secondary Typeface: Our secondary typeface is Plus Jakarta Sans. This typeface is used for body text, subtitles, and any other supporting text. Available on Google Fonts.

Powered by Rated Badge

When using data derived from our APIs, please use the "Powered by Rated" badge to share attribution on your product or service. This ensures that users understand the source of the data.

  • Use of Badge: This badge should be placed prominently on any interface where our data or services are used, such as an app interface or website footer. The badge should be hyperlinked back to rated.network/home. For ease of access you can grab the svg files here.

  • Size: The badge should be large enough to be clearly legible, but not so large that it becomes a focal point.

  • Color: The badge should always be in the official Rated colors. Never recolor the badge.

  • Do not alter: The badge must not be altered, distorted, or modified in any way. It should always be used in its entirety.

Accessing Rated’s Brand Assets

We've made it easy for you to access and use our brand assets in accordance with these guidelines. All of our logos, typography, color palettes, and "Powered by Rated" badges are available for download.

To obtain Rated's brand assets, please vist bit.ly/RatedBrandAssets

Once on the page, you'll find our assets organized into clear categories for your convenience. Simply click on the asset you require to initiate a download. The files are provided in various common formats, such as .PNG, and .SVG.

Please note that by downloading and using these assets, you agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this document. We trust you'll use these assets responsibly to maintain the integrity of the Rated brand.

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@rated.network. 🍬

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