A short intro to the Rated Explorer and prompts relating to navigating this section of the documentation.

The Rated Explorer is a well-loved hub that acts as a point of reference for the community of PoS networks. Validator operators, Relay operators, Builders, Searchers, and Wallets use the Rated Explorer on a daily basis to inform their best responses to present challenges, as well as future opportunities.

The Explorer section of the documentation outlines the contextual backdrop of the different sections that make up the whole of the Explorer, as well as a series of definitions on the variables that it exposes and the methodologies that power those.

How to use the Explorer 🔖

The Explorer's landing page provides a high level view of all the networks Rated supports and acts as a starting point to individual networks. You can also find useful links to the Explorer docs, API docs and Self Report API. To explore any network, you need only click the Explore button.

Within each network, there are 3 core levers that you need to be aware of in order to use the Rated Explorer effectively; (i) the Network selection menu, (ii) the sidebar, and (iii) the time window (or date) toggle.

Network selection menu

At the top left of the Explorer, you will find a dropdown menu through which you can switch between networks that Rated currently supports - Ethereum, Holesky and Polygon. (Solana coming soon™ )

Remember that you can always head to the landing page to navigate between all the networks we support with important documentation links.

The sidebar

At the left hand side of your screen, you will find an index of all the different views that the explorer supports. These indexes are network specific but can generally be segregated between (i) Network views––where we display information for all kinds of aggregations of validators (from index to operator to network) level, (ii) Network Landscape––where we display information on different "key frames of reference" for network as a whole, and (iii) Misc––under which you will find anything that does not fit well under any of the above categories.

The time window toggle

At the top right of most screens, you will find a toggle that modulates what you see in the rest of the screen that you are on. The Rated Explorer takes an opinionated view and displays information in four distinct frames of reference––in their majority look backs. These are:

  • 1d: The period elapsed between the last hourly snapshot and the 24 hours preceding that

  • 7d: The period spanning the week preceding the last completed day (inclusive)

  • 30d: The period spanning the month preceding the last completed day (inclusive)

  • All time: The period spanning the useful life of the network (since genesis). The time window here might vary depending on the actual useful life of the subject matter in a network context (i.e. an operator's history will go only as far back as the first validator activated that is associated with it)

Quick start ⏩


Definitions of all metrics that live on the Ethereum pages of the Explorer


Definitions of all metrics that live on the Polygon pages of the Explorer


Definitions of all metrics that live on the Solana pages of the Explorer

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