In this page we track the most important statistics relating to the operation of MEV Relays introduced with the advent of mev-boost in PoS Ethereum.

At a glance πŸ”–

In this section, we go over the definitions of the counters one might find that sit atop the Relays page.

Total value relayed

The total value paid to validators in order to facilitate the production of blocks crafted by block builders. This is a combination of priority_fees and baseline_mev. This should be equal to the value of the sum of winning_bid observed accross relays.

Value over vanilla blocks

The value surplus that blocks that were procured from MEV Relays exhibit when compared to the locally built (vanilla) blocks. This is a comparison of aggregate average values over the time-span of the toggled time period, and is derived from the execution layer rewards that these blocks pack for validators.

MEV facilitated

This is an estimation of the gross amount of MEV that the relays have facilitated over time. It is based on a sum of our Baseline MEV computation across the period in question.

Mainnet block distribution πŸ”–

In this section, we provide definitions for all the metrics that make up the "Mainnet block distribution" section of the Relayer Lanscape page.

mev-boost βœ— vs mev-boost βœ”

An aggregate comparison between blocks that have been produced locally (mev-boost βœ—) and blocks that have been procured from MEV relays (mev-boost βœ”)

Sample size

The size of the sample of blocks in the RatedDB which relate to the time period toggled.

Average transactions included

The number of transactions that either category of blocks packed in the respective time-period, on average.

Average execution rewards

The value of the execution layer rewards for validators that the average block in either category packed over the time period toggled. Learn more about how we compute those in Baseline MEV computation.

Average consensus rewards

The value of the consensus layer rewards that the average block in either category packed over the time period toggled.

Average total rewards

The sum of execution and consensus layer rewards for either category of blocks.

Breakdown by MEV relayπŸ”–

Relay market share

This view represents the share of blocks that active relays contributed to the total block mass of mev-boost blocks produced on Ethereum Mainnet.

Due to the lack of data from relays around the submission of validator signatures when proposers source MEV-boost blocks, there has been no clear way to attribute a MEV-boost block to a single relay when said block appears on more than one relay.

As a stop-gap measure, we are attributing a +1 counter to every relay that revealed the winning bid to the block proposer. This obviously leads to poor accounting as the sum of bids revelead will be greater than the sum of blocks produced. To counter this, we are only adopting this approach on comparative screens and do not account for it in other sums.

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