Definitions relating to the Leaderboard section available on the Rate Explorer.

The definitions in this page are separated by theme in the order that these appear on the explorer. All screens are modulated by the master "time window" toggle at the top right of the screen.

It is normal to see differences in the effectiveness ratings on the and the Trending page. This is because the data in the former refreshes on an hourly basis while the latter refreshes on a daily basis.

By Effectiveness 🔖

A collection of trending operators according to their respective effectiveness scores. Read more about the Effectiveness Rating in the Rated Effectiveness Rating section of the docs.

For the All-time calculation in this section, we are only considering validators that have been active for more than 30 days so that we reduce noise. This is equally true for Trending validator indices, as well as for operator groupings (we exclude validators younger than the 30day window from the calculation).

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