Definitions of variables that appear in the Validator pages on Polygon of the Rated Explorer.

Validators are entities responsible for creating new blocks and validating transactions on the blockchain. In Polygon, each validator is mapped to various entities such as staking services, cryptocurrency exchanges, infrastructure providers, etc.

The validators list view contains the same four metrics that you'll find on the Network view. The list itself contains high level stats per validator, including their name, network penetration, Health Status, Commision rate, Delegator APR and RAVER. We'll dive into these metrics on this page.

There are four counters at the top of the view that show the aggregate performance of the network in the time period selected. These are helpful in quickly referencing how a validator is performing compared to the network average. The colored numbers represent the difference of the measure from the last period based on the time window toggle.

For a deeper dive into what each of these metrics represents, please visit the Polygon Validator Effectiveness Rating page.

Network penetration

This is the percentage distribution of stake that maps under any given validator. We calculate this as:

Network penetration == (validator self-stake + delegated stake) / total network stake

Health status

The status of the validator with regards to the evaluation framework set by the Polygon community with the goal of having a more robust validator set securing the network

For more information on this framework, check out Polygon Improvement Proposal 4.

Commission rate

This is the percentage commission taken by this validator from the staking rewards (i.e. checkpoint signing rewards) earned by the stake delegated to them.

Delegator APR

This is the annual percentage rate earned by delegators staking with this validator net of commissions. For more information, please refer to our documentation Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

Effectiveness Rating

The Rated model of validator performance for the Polygon network. The colour coding in each of those values hints to the relative performance of the entity.

For more information on how this is computed and the methodology behind it, please refer to the Polygon Validator Effectiveness Rating page. You can also learn more about how we rank for relative performance via Rating percentiles.

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