Introduction to methodolgies

Dive deeper into the methodologies that power some of the most important metrics exposed in the Rated Network Explorer and API.

Methodologies sit at the core of what we are working on at Rated.

Our mission is to promote transparency and good standards as they relate to improving the foundation of blockchains, so that they might eventually become the backbone of a new financial system, natively built on the Internet. But as we outlined in more depth in Framing the problem, subjectivity is an insidious little demon that rears its ugly head more frequently than one might expect it to.

With our work on open and transparent methodologies, we set the foundation to collapse subjectivity and ultimately advance progress.

To discuss the various methodologies that Rated supports, head on over to the Rated Discord. To propose changes to existing methodologies or introduce new ones that you think we should support, head over the Rated Forum.

Design goals 🔖

We believe that a rating methodology for validator and operator performance, as well as all the adjacent methodologies that describe the various agents that make up Ethereum's consensus layer, should be described by the following principles:

  1. Generalizability: To be as generalizable as possible

  2. Legibility: To be as easily understood as possible

  3. Permanence: To require as little adjustments after every upgrade as possible

  4. Autonomy: To be as independent of the requirement for human action as possible

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