Introducing the Rated Oracle

A short introduction of what the Rated Oracle is and what it's made of.
The Rated Oracle powered by UMA (ROPU), is a fault tolerant mechanism that allows high fidelity data transfers from the Beacon Chain to the Ethereum Execution Layer.
The ROPU is meant to serve EVM application builders that want to reference composite Beacon Chain data and validator metadata (such as operator performance and its derivatives) in their applications.
We are currently rolling out the Rated Oracle with a downstream integration partner, on a MEV theft monitoring use case. If you want to discuss your use case and how the Rated Oracle can support it, get in touch via [email protected].

Integrating with UMA

v1 of the Rated Oracle is leveraging the UMA Optimistic Oracle mechanism to make the data transfer secure and fault-tolerant. At a very high level, the Optimistic Oracle is a mechanism that allows for (i) a dispute window as the data comes on-chain, (ii) a bond that proxies the level of security required of the data producer/proposer (i.e. an on-chain SLA), and (iii) a dispute resolution mechanism when disputes on the integrity of the data are raised.

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