Stake Account metrics drill-down

Definitions of variables that appear in the Stake Account drill-down pages of the Rated Explorer.

Data freshness: The views on this page refresh on a daily basis except for metrics related to the amount staked, the status of a stake account, and their validator delegate. These other metrics refresh every epoch which is around 2 days.

At a glance

Definitions of the variables that appear on the horizontal bar at the top of the stake account level pages of the Rated Explorer.

Total amount delegated

The total amount of stake delegated by this delegator.

Network penetration

This is the percentage distribution of stake that maps under a given delegator based on their delegated stake to validators. We calculate this as:

Network penetration == delegated stake / total network stake


The validator this stake account has delegated to.

Net Delegator APY%

The return earned by this delegator on their stake after commissions are taken by their delegate validators. For more information, please refer to our documentation Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

Delegation State

Definitions of the variables that appear in the "Delegation State" section of the stake account view.

Total staking rewards

The total staking rewards (i.e. validator voting rewards) this stake account earned.

Staking commission paid

The total commission paid by this stake account to its validator delegate

Validator effectiveness

The effectiveness of the validator to whom this stake account delegated its stake to.

Commission Rate

These are the commission rates being charged to this stake account based on the validator they have delegated to. On the left is the commission rate for voting/staking rewards and on the right is the commission rate for MEV rewards.

MEV rewards

The MEV rewards received by this stake account.

Daily Rewards View

This is a bar chart showing the rewards received by a stake account over the last few days, depending on the time period selected.

Stake Account Info

This contains the following addresses related to the stake account:

Address: The address of the stake account itself.

Stake Authority: The address that controls the staking actions of a stake account.

Withdraw Authority: The address that is authorized to withdraw the funds from the stake account. This address can also change the stake authority address.

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