Definitions of variables that appear in the Pools page on the Rated Explorer for Solana.

Data freshness: The views on this page refresh on a daily basis.

On Solana, we have identified staking pools by aggregating Stake Accounts by their Stake Authorities and matching these addresses to pools through different public resources.

If you are part of an entity that manages a staking pool and would like to self-identify to be part of the pool set on the explorer, head on over to our forum or reach out through our discord.


There are four counters at the top of the view that show the aggregate performance of the network in the time period selected.

Network Penetration

This is the percentage distribution of stake that maps under any given pool based on their delegated stake to validators. We calculate this as:

Network penetration == delegated stake / total network stake

Validators delegated to

The number of validators this pool has delegated to through the stake accounts it controls.

Commission Rate

This is the stake-weighted commission rate being charged to this pool based on the validators this pool has delegated its stake to. On the left is the commission rate for voting/staking rewards and on the right is the commission rate for MEV rewards.

Delegator APY

The annual percentage yield earned by this pool. For more information, please refer to our documentation Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

Blended Effectiveness

This is the effectiveness rating of a pool based on the stake-weighted effectiveness of the validators they have delegated to.

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