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Making the most of the Main operator page by shifting between views.

There are normally two view options available to any drill-down window in an Entity view; view by "Operator" and by "Aggregate". We explain the outline of these views in the sections below.

In cases where no more "drill-downs" are available, which normally are either Entities that we have no more granular information on, or views of Entities that reach the maximum granularity level available, the view defaults to "View by Aggregate".

View by "Operator"

In cases where a pool might have a public registry of its constituent members, we offer two views to it. The default view is the "Operator" view, where users can look through a breakdown of a pool by its constituent members. You can enable this by clicking on the "View by Operator toggle".

Equivalently when the same view is available on the Node Operator section of the explorer, users can look through the stake that a given operator runs, apportioned by "Pool" it maps to (hinted at by the relevant orange tag). The share that comes with no "Pool" tag relates to validators that are operated by said Node Operator which do not map back to any staking pool.

The variables exposed in the table are the equivalent to those explained in depth in the Ethereum section of the documentation.

View by "Aggregate"

The Aggregate Operator view exposes all kinds of statistics relating to the Pool, Operator, Deposit Address, or Validator Index in focus. You can enable it by toggling "Aggregate" on the view by toggle.

The bottom half of the page exposes statistics relating to performance, rewards, different configurations of the operation (in the aggregate), and the status of the operation relating to activations and withdrawals of validators they operate or are associated with.

You can learn more about what each of these metrics represent, and the methodologies that power them in the following sections.

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