Try it on Goerli

The oracle is deployed at this address: 0x2bc87c4751755ca70544216b395f467b40b9d665. Use Etherscan to interact with the contract.
On this prototype, request are available for:
  • An operator by specifying the UTF-8 encoded name. For instance Coinbase becomes 0x436f696e62617365.
  • A validator by specifying its index.
For this demonstration, the fields are:
  • Effectiveness according to Rated’s methodology, with 8 decimals precision.
  • Penalties accrued by an entity, in Gwei.
  • Rewards accrued by an entity, in Gwei.
  • SlashingCount number of times an entity has been slashed.
Once that 5 minutes have elapsed since the data has been proposed, it is finalized. The user can go query it via the getData function specifying the requestID that has been attributed.
A video walkthrough of interacting with the Rated Oracle on Goerli.
If you have questions around how to use the Oracle on Goerli, feel free to get in touch at @GAstieres on Telegram.