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Frequently asked questions

It's FAQs all the way down.

What is the definition of "effectiveness"?

The effectiveness rating (RAVER) is a methodology Rated has proposed for evaluating validator performance in a concise way. The methodology has been through a number of iterations with the community and is widespread by now. For more information on the specifics, please refer to our documentation.

Is there a minimum number of validators an entity must have in order to build good ratings?

No, we do not require a minimum. The way we track overall effectiveness has more weight on attestation duties—which validators are called to carry through every single epoch. Therefore, the fact that proposals do not happen all that frequently for a pubkey does not have a pronounced effect on the rating. Read about the effectiveness rating here

Does the missed rewards calculation compare different MEV relayers?

No, not by default. You can read about the four approaches we take to calculate missed rewards here.

When Rated shows a metric (e.g. inclusionDelay) for a specific date, what is the exact time frame?

We index 24 hour increments from genesis. So for example if the date is 28/01, the metric will include all epochs from ~12:00 on 27/01 to ~12:00 on the 28/1. The startEpoch and endEpoch can be seen in the API.

I'd like to list an entity to the Rated Network Explorer to track our performance. How does the onboarding process work?

As of Q2 2023, we have a streamlined way for Node Operators and Pools to onboard their sets to the Rated Network Explorer. See here for Node Operators and here for Pools.